Nov 14

Anti-Trump Protesters ‘Storm’ Portland Mall: “OMG, I Have To Tie My Shoe”:

Hundreds of teenage white Americans ‘stormed’ a Portland Mall this afternoon protesting something about Trump not being their President and being a sexist, homophobic, racist. The horde of bloodbthirsty latte-thirsty protesters can be overheard screaming “OMG, I have to tie my shoe” and “this is the coolest thing I have ever seen.”

Caution: Will make you throw things at screen…

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One Response to “Anti-Trump Protesters ‘Storm’ Portland Mall: “OMG, I Have To Tie My Shoe””

  1. squodgy Says:

    OMG Bill Clinton won the Presidency using the electoral college system, but the immigrants AND the dead people didn’t vote that time.

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