Nov 10


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“No comment necessary.”

Nigel Farage causes controversy describing Barack Obama as a ‘loathsome creature’ – and warns Donald Trump not to ‘touch’ Theresa May:

Nigel Farage has described Barack Obama as a “creature” and joked about warning Donald Trump not to “touch” Theresa May.

The interim Ukip leader said the current US President was a “loathsome individual who couldn’t stand our country.”

Mr Farage also suggested he could act as a middle man between the next Republican President and the British Prime Minister, as he called on Mr Trump to try and “schmooze” her.

 Speaking on talkRADIO , he said: “I’m now going to become a diplomat. Come and schmooze Theresa – don’t touch her, for goodness sake.”

The radio programme’s presenters said: “Only in an affectionate way – like Bush did to the Queen.” To which Mr Farage replied: “I could be there as the responsible adult to make sure everything is OK.”

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