Nov 07

For my German speaking readers.

This video should get translated immediately!

Merkel being a Bilderberg, Freemason and Rothschild puppet is, in my opinion, the only explanation for this change of policy.


You really can’t make this stuff up!

And YouTube has removed the video, AGAIN.

Here is a replacement:


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7 Responses to “WTF, WTF, WTF: Angela Merkel: “Die multikulturelle Gesellschaft ist KEINE lebensfähige Form des Zusammenlebens” (Video)”

  1. Lana Verdin Says:

    This is InfiniteUnknown at it’s best. It is a shame that the owner still constantly has to beg for support. Many of us who read these postings in their turn influence other people on newspaper fora, in private conversations, etc. The influence of this website on public awareness is most probably gravely underestimated. Frequent readers who don’t bother to support this site certainly won’t be able to claim that they contributed to a more conscious and hence better society.

  2. Infinite Says:

    To Lana,

    Thank you!

    All the best,


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