Oct 26

H/t reader squodgy:

“Total contempt for the ordinary man, but this journalist should have dug his teeth in.”

TOO FUNNY: White House Laughingly Responds to Project Veritas Videos with “Move Along, Nothing to See Here”:

Josh Earnest… what a stupid name for a guy who obviously thinks we’re all as stupid as he sounds at this press conference.

When confronted with a question on the Project Veritas undercover videos showing all kinds of Dem operatives admitting on tape that they created the Trump protests and other such nasties to incite violence at Trump rallies in an attempt to throw this election Hillary’s way, Earnest told the reporter in his best condescending grown up voice that ‘we have to take these videos with not just a grain of salt but a whole bag because we can’t believe what we see…’

Watch for yourself.

Don’t believe your own eyeballs. That’s the White House’s official response. That’s the best they could do.

Again, it’s undercover video he’s talking about here. Not only that, but Robert Creamer did go to the White House over 340 times. It’s all on record.

Come on, dammit.

It’s infuriating how stupid this government thinks we are.

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