Oct 18

RIGGED: Trump rally violence was STAGED by Clinton campaign operatives… stunning video details the criminal network working for Hillary:

And now the rigging of the U.S. elections takes yet another leap into the realm of astonishment as a stunning new video from Project Veritas reveals how Trump rally violence was staged by the Clinton campaign.

Yep, Clinton operatives were paid huge sums of money to stage acts of violence at Trump rallies so that the lying media could blame all the violence on Trump.

This is the same way in which the leftist terrorist bombing of a GOP campaign headquarters building in North Carolina is also being blamed on Trump!

The real violence in America is carried out by leftists who support Hillary

Remember: Leftists are terrorists. They lie, cheat and steal their way to every position of political power. They will bomb buildings, murder police officers, beat up senior citizens and do whatever is necessary for them to paint their conservative opponents as being “extremist.” And then they claim Trump supporters are violent, bigoted gun owners. Yet as this Project Veritas proves, it’s really the leftists who are deliberately carrying out the violence in order to achieve a strategic political outcome.

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