Sep 23

Trump-Clinton Debate Rules Leaked: 90 Minutes Straight, No Step-Stool, & No Coughing Breaks Allowed:

If presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton slips into a coughing fit or any other medical crisis during Monday’s high-stakes debate, she will have to power through, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

“There are no commercial breaks,” a commission source explains. “Period.”

Debate moderator Lester Holt does not have the authority to cut away from the stage during the epic 90-minute showdown.

And microphone audio for either of the candidates is not to be manipulated.

Clinton has experienced severe coughing episodes throughout the election year. During a Labor Day campaign stop she suffered a 4-minute choking marathon.

Monday’s throwdown could top out at 100 million viewers, making it the biggest political event in history.

Finally Drudge notes that Hillary wanted a step-stool:

The presidential debate commission settled an early flashpoint when Clinton demanded a step-stool at the podium to add height to her 5’4″ frame. Campaign Chairman John Podesta expressed concern that Hillary would be dwarfed by 6’2″ Trump.

The request was quickly rejected.

The commission is allowing for a custom-made podium, which will accommodate the difference in stature.

Grab your popcorn, this is going to be fun…

Putin Popcorn

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7 Responses to “Trump-Clinton Debate Rules Leaked: 90 Minutes Straight, No Step-Stool, & No Coughing Breaks Allowed”

  1. squodgy Says:

    In fact this could actually be far more fun than ya thought…..

  2. Infinite Says:

    To squodgy,

    Sadly …

  3. squodgy Says:

    This is funny. The yid leader is now unsure which horse to fund.

    Such is democracy in the USA.

  4. squodgy Says:

    Guess the NSA/CIA/FBI won’t get this…

    Courtesy of RT

    Snowden receives prestigious German award

    Former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden has received ‘A Glass of Prudence’ public award, which is a prize given to scholars, politicians and artists for their special contribution to the promotion of enlightenment, prudence and tolerance, the DPA news agency reports. ‘A Glass of Prudence’ is an annual prize, awarded by the city of Kassel located in central Germany.

  5. squodgy Says:

    Again, both parties play games with their planes’ probing intrusions into “enemy” airspace, each squealing when the other intrudes.
    So when Russia proposes safer flights with transponders ON, it seems quite understandable for NATO to decline, given NATO’s record.

  6. squodgy Says:

    There it is in one.
    There is no difference between Hillary & the Donald,


  7. Infinite Says:

    To squodgy,

    Must be the wrong link.

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