Sep 21

Muslim man who KICKED woman in the head for wearing shorts says ‘Islamic law demanded it’:

THIS is the horrifying moment a Muslim security guard KICKS a young woman in the face for wearing shorts.

Aysegul Terzi was assaulted on a bus in Istanbul after the man claimed Islamic law demanded he attack the young woman.In shocking footage the 23-year-old girl is seen being brutally kicked in the face by Abdullah Cakiroglu.

The thug was incredibly freed by prosecutors when he said he was following Islamic law by assaulting the woman and it was decided to classify the incident as an assault that did not justify custody.

Following his release, the thug said: “She was dressed against my traditions.

“Friends, everything is under control. Everything happened according to Islamic law.”

During his prosecutor’s testimony, Cakirogu reportedly said: “I beat people whose outfits I do not like. The state should punish those who dress like this.

The attacker added the assault was an impulsive act.However, the Muslim man has now faced a massive backlash after local media broadcast his comments.

Outrage spread on social media and some people even took to the streets to protest the release of Cakirogu.

Speaking out about her ordeal, Ms Terzi said: “He told the prosecutors that he likes to beat people who he decides do not dress appropriately, and as a result they released him.

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    Start killing these fucking camel jockeys! Fuck these animals. They are an invading army in a foreign country.

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