Sep 19

General Sir Richard Barrons said armed forces capability had been withered by design

Britain’s ‘withered’ armed forces can NOT defend us against Russia says ex-defence chief as it is revealed army last practised full armoured warfare three years before Twitter was born:

  • Claims a Russian air campaign would overwhelm Britain’s defences 
  • Former military chief delivered scathing assessment of the UK military 
  • He said Whitehall mandarins were focused on ‘skinning’ defence budgets 
  • Military expert said Army had practised armoured warfare since 2003  

Britain’s armed forces would not be able to protect the country from a full-scale attack by Russia, the recently retired commander of Joint Forces Command has warned.

General Sir Richard Barrons, who left his post in April, delivered a scathing assessment of the UK military in a 10 page private memo to Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon.

He said Whitehall was focused on ‘skinning’ budgets and maintaining expensive but redundant high-profile military capability.

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