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‘This is inhumane’: Terrorist inmates at Goulburn’s supermax prison protest about having to pay extra for halal meals and their grim living conditions:

  • Thirteen ‘high risk’ inmates have written to NSW’s prisons commissioner
  • They are protesting the ‘inhumane’ conditions inside Goulburn jail
  • Group includes five men convicted of plotting a terrorist attack in Sydney
  • Their letter also complains about the cost of halal food inside the prison 

Five high risk terrorist inmates have threatened a hunger strike against the ‘inhumane’ living conditions inside a supermax prison.

The prisoners were part of a group of 13 ‘extreme high risk-rated inmates (EHRR)’ who signed a letter protesting their treatment inside Sydney’s Goulburn Correctional Centre.

The letter, sent to NSW prisons commissioner Peter Severin, also outlined complaints about having to pay extra to eat halal meals, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The letter has been published in Australia’s Toughest Prisons: Inmates, a new book by journalist James Phelps.

In it the group of prisoners complain about their reduced visiting hours, small cells and the cost of halal meals.

‘We actually have to PAY for them at a cost of $32 per week,’ the letter reads.

‘This is impossible to afford at $13 per week [the government stipend for inmates].’

It is understood that Mohamed Ali Elomar, Abdul Rhakib Hasan, Khaled Cheikho, Moustafa Cheikho and Mohammed Omar Jamal were five of the 13 inmates who signed the letter.

The five men were arrested in 2005 for plotting a terrorist act in Sydney and sent to jail for terms of up to 28 years.

The letter was prompted by increased security restrictions imposed on the inmates late last year.

‘These new EHRR restrictions … are oppressive and inhumane and have cut us off from our families and friends,’ the letter said.

The inmates also threatened to go on a hunger strike if their complaints were not listened to and acted upon ‘as a matter of urgency.’

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