Aug 31

H/t reader squodgy:

“Logic tells us that if we have to pay someone to hold/use our assets, somewhere it must have a market value exceeding its costs of holding/use.

If that is NOT the case then the asset must be converted into something more marketable.

The Germans are daft if they are just holding paper money in the safe because the banksters can “irrelevent” it by changing its worth overnight with new notes. And I’m absolutely sure the Germans are NOT daft.

Items of potential actual worth are needed. Convertible goods. Fuel, salt, food, warm/waterproof clothing, because as I see it increasing unemployment leads to a need for shelter, warmth & food. These are the next growth market, unless the world demand indices are lying through their teeth.

Ruthless banksters will foreclose on ordinary citizens, and their only hope is simplicity in the short term.”

NIRP: Monetary Weapon Of Mass Destruction — NWO Cabal Pulls Financial Trigger to Start World War III:

There is perhaps no greater sign of the coming financial Apocalypse and economic Armageddon than the continuation of NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy) within certain nations in the European Union.

While much has been written about this utterly foolish and purposely destructive monetary policy, not nearly enough commentary has been presented which explains its extraordinary consequences.

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