Aug 30

When ‘Whatever It Takes’ Fails: 37% Of Italians Give Up Job Hunt As Welfare State Grows:

With France calling for the EU’s budget limits to be lifted and everyone breaking every rule of fiscal responsibility – because Draghi has killed the market’s signal – the fear of ever deepening deficits is (for now) removed. Enabling governments to do “whatever it takes” to get re-elected, because reforms are vote-killers, has incentivized an ever-growing group of Europeans to simply give up the job search… with Italians at the top of the list…


Going from the final quarter of 2015 through March of this year, 37 percent of unemployed Italians gave up their job search, while only 13 percent landed new work and a full half found their status unchanged.

On the opposite end of the scale, very few Greeks — just 1 percent — gave up their job hunt while only 4 percent found new employment in the economically hard-pressed nation.

Source: Bloomberg

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