Aug 25

Judge demands to know why masked teenager who ‘stabbed people for fun’ in Hyde Park violence hasn’t faced trial for attempted murder:

A teenager who ‘stabbed people for fun’ when a water fight in Hyde Park exploded into violence is facing years behind bars.

Joshua Clements, 18, stabbed two men with a hunting knife after thousands of people gathered in the park in central London to enjoy the warm weather on 19 July.

Shocking footage, taken on an onlooker’s mobile phone, captured the attack on Audean Thompson – which was considered so serious Clements was initally charged with attempted murder.

Today, as Clements pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, Judge Michael Topolski QC demanded an explanation from prosecutors why they chose not to pursue a trial for attempted murder.

He said prosecution papers ‘revealed the horror of what was going on that evening in Hyde Park’ but adjourned the case for sentence for reports to be prepared.

Judge Topolski said: ‘This is not, on the face of it, just stabbing in the course of robbing, it was stabbing for fun going on.

‘I just wonder if this defendant may be a life candidate. He is terribly young and terribly dangerous.’

He added: ‘To say this is a disturbing case is an understatement.’

H/t reader kevin a.

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