Aug 24

North Atlantic surface waters cooling – Headed for a Maunder Minimum?:

The temperature of North Atlantic surface water is the main control on Europe’s climate, says David Archibald.

Unfortunately, that temperature has been dropping.


And how has Europe’s climate responded to the drop?

“This summer is not only behaving like fall, but even like winter,” says meteorologist Domink Jung.

Here’s a sampling:

• Snow down to 2,000 meters in August in Germany this year.
• Snow down to 1500 meters in July in Germany.
• Record cold in Norway.
Record cold in The Netherlands.

This appears to be the result of the rapid decline in solar activity, says Archibald.

“If this trend continues, we may see the Sun heading towards a “Maunder” type of solar activity minimum – an extensive period of reduced levels of solar activity.”

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  1. henk korbee Says:

    Then I have a question: how to combine that with the tropic tempearture at he moment, in the sense what will be the consequence? A flood of water within a few days?

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