Aug 10

Prepare for financial/economic collapse, hyperinflation, civil war, …

All of this has been foreseen a long time ago by the seer Alois Irlmaier:

The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3)


Hundreds of migrants accompanied by armed gang of leftie anarchists storm France’s borders:

HUNDREDS of migrants stormed France’s border accompanied by an armed group of hard-left anarchists.

More than 200 migrants forced their way across the Italian-French border and into the town of Menton.

Helping them sneak into the country was a group called No Borders, whose members have been at the centre of shocking scenes of violence in Calais.

The anarchists accompanied the mob of migrants in the face of a heavy police presence. 

In an attempt to remain anonymous the troupe wore black balaclavas, and after at least four were arrested, officers discovered three of them, all French nationals, were armed with bats and knives. 

A young Italian member of No Borders, who gave his name only as François, said: “Some of the migrants being held at the Red Cross camp in Ventimiglia decided to leave.

“They then got in touch with us and told us they wished to go Balzi Rossi, near Menton.

“And so a group of us decided to accompany them out of solidarity, to make sure they had enough to eat and drink along the way.”

The anarchists accompanied the mob of migrants in the face of a heavy police presence
The Ventimiglia Station camp, home to countless migrants trying to cross the Italian border, was shut down last spring.

But since then locals have claimed the border town is in “chaos”.

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