Jul 30

Revenge: Activists unleash 1,000s of locusts, cockroaches on Byron burger branches for migrant sting:

Radical activists released thousands of cockroaches, crickets and locusts at two outlets of Byron Hamburgers, a chain that helped the Home Office deport its migrant staff earlier this month. Protesters say they will bankrupt Byron if it doesn’t apologize.

The London Black Revolutionaries and the Malcolm X Movement forced the shutdown of the upmarket burger chain’s St. Giles and Holborn branches on Friday night by unleashing what they said were 8,000 crickets, 4,000 cockroaches, and 1,000 locusts in front of bemused customers.

The Malcolm X Movement, which calls itself a “Black & Asian led anti-imperialist decolonial organization” on its Facebook page, has published a manifesto explaining why it decided to take “affirmative action.”

In their post, they say that the chain has to “pay for their exploitative misdeeds,” saying they will “ensure it is shut down” until it goes bankrupt or compensates the deported staff and apologizes to them. They also declared that this is “a warning to other businesses,” which will also be “targeted.”

“We’ve got a feeling Byrons [sic] will be closed for a few days on account of fumigation… This is just the beginning. Strike them were it hurts,” wrote the London Black Revolutionaries on their Facebook page, addressing their 11,000 followers.

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