Jul 27

H/t reader S.M.:

“Softening us up for more State Sponsored Terrorism.
It is ALWAYS co-ordinated by the State Security Services with Mossad management/organisation.
Propaganda/Disinformation. Laugh at it, then see it take shape. The world is changing.”

British security services warn attack on UK is ‘very likely’ as churches on terror alert after Normandy priest murder:

A terrorist attack in the UK is “highly likely” following attacks in other parts of Europe, a five-judge tribunal has heard, as churches in Britain are told to tighten security after the murder of an 85-year-old priest in Normandy.

The heightened state of security comes as images threatening attacks in London and other major world capitals were reportedly posted on Telegram, a messaging app used by jihadis.

Despite there being no specific intelligence relating to attacks against the Christian community in the UK, the National Police Chiefs’ Council is urging the community to be alert but not alarmed, report concerns and review their security as a precaution.

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