Jul 25

Pavlof volcano is on the brink of erupting
Pavlof volcano is on the brink of erupting

VOLCANO ALERT: Huge lava peak on brink of erupting any minute now:

A HUGE volcano in the US is on the brink of erupting, scientists have warned.

The violent Pavlof volcano, located in Alaska, erupted earlier this year, ploughing ash 37,000 feet into the air.

It is once again showing signs of activity, according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO), who said that the volcano is unpredictable and won’t give much warning if it is about to blow.

AVO research geologist Robert McGimsey said: “Pavlof is one of those volcanoes that can erupt without very much in the way of precursory activities.”

The AVO has increased the volcano warning code from green to yellow.

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