Jul 24

German Mayor Confirms Blast Killing 1, Injuring 11 was a Terror Attack

German Mayor Confirms Blast Killing 1, Injuring 11 was a Terror Attack:

Mayor of German city of Ansbach Karda Seidel said that the cause of the explosion in the city center was an explosive device. “This is not a gas explosion, it was caused by a bomb,” said Seidel.

A bomb attack in the downtown area of the German City of Ansbach killing 1 and wounding 11 was not the result of a gas leak, but was in fact a terror attack. The parties responsible for the bombing and their motivations remain undetermined at this time.

The attack occurred in a wine restaurant in the downtown quarter right before the Ansbach Open, a three-day music festival that attracts many visitors. The organizers were forced to cancel the concert following the attack with around 2,500 visitors leaving the venue. Hotels and houses surrounding the bomb blast were also evacuated for safety.

The Nuernberger Nachrichten newspaper reported that the blast occurred at a restaurant in Ansbach. Police believe that the one deceased was the initiator of the blast using a suicide vest.

A spokesman for the Bavarian interior minister said that the explosion was in the Eugene Weinstube restaurant and was a “deliberate” act rather than an accident. “At present we assume it is not an accident,” the spokesman continued.

Authorities believe the attack was triggered by an “improvised explosive device.”

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  1. kevin a Says:

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  3. squodgy Says:

    Some interesting common denominators applicable to the plethora of massacres we are having thrown at us as part of the constant wave of fear and loathing.


  4. squodgy Says:

    It’s really very sad how the muppets dutifully follow instructions to herd the public into the fear zone, yet as they do it, the evidence to the fact it was all a staged false flag builds up like a tsunami, but nobody blinks.


  5. Infinite Says:


    I have posted the article already here:


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