Jul 20

IMF Called “Clowns” After Admitting They Fabricated Brexit Doom And Gloom:

“The IMF has serious credibility problems. It has been seriously wrong for years. I hope that one of the things that the new government does is push to have some credible people running this institution… rather than the clowns currently running it,” exclaimed UKIP MP Douglas Carswell, pointing out Lagarde’s legion of fools flip-flop that the British economy will grow faster than Germany and France in the next two years – only weeks after its doom-laden warnings about Brexit.

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One Response to “IMF Called “Clowns” After Admitting They Fabricated Brexit Doom And Gloom”

  1. squodgy Says:

    I think not. The parrots were only doing as they were told. I still believe the populace were herded into Brexit under a false ‘identity/immigration’ banner.
    For years now, because the core of the Rothschild dynasty is resident in England, logically, they would want it to be the base for the future of their next economic structure.
    This article kind of sets off down that road, but also points to israel becoming more entrenched as a major player than certain forecasts predict.


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