Jul 14

10 Countries Have Now Officially Warned Their Citizens About the Potential Dangers of Traveling to the US:

Being from here, Americans always hear about mass violence in other countries and our government sometimes warns us to stay away from those places… currently we’re under a travel advisory for, let’s see, all of Europe. Just all of it. Lest the terrorists will get us.

But most Americans probably don’t realize that other nation’s governments are likewise warning their citizens not to come here and for similar reasons.

Citing everything from bathroom laws that might discriminate, to potential terror attacks, to burgeoning police and protest violence, to avoiding public planned demonstrations (like Friday’s “Day of Rage”) entirely, at least ten countries have now issued official warnings to their citizens about the dangers of traveling to the United States.

The countries are Australia, Germany, Belgium, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, UK, The Bahamas, and of course, Russia and China.

The UK cited bathroom laws and potential LGBT discrimination, while the UAE specifically urged people “to please stay away from any ongoing or planned demonstrations and protests in cities around the United States”. Russia and China cited the potential for both terrorism and crime here.

In the eyes of a nations around the world, America is boiling over and it’s just not safe to come here.

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