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Little Ice Ages Bring Famine and Disease:

Retired U.S. Navy Physicist warns of what is to come.

Several centuries ago the Earth underwent a very dramatic shift in climate known as the Little Ice Age, says retired U.S. Navy Physicist James Marusek. This coincided with a period of minimal sunspot activity called the Maunder Minimum.

During the Maunder Minimum, average temperatures dropped approximately 1.5º C below current levels, says Marusek. The cold and extreme weather caused a reduction in the growing season, which lead to disastrous harvest failure.

“Hunger became the heart of this crisis,” says Marusek. “Plagues, smallpox, typhus, measles and fever belong to a cluster of deadly diseases that correlate closely with harvest yields.”

“Little Ice Age conditions produced famines, which increased the frequency and intensity of these diseases. Flooding created swamplands that became mosquito breeding grounds and introduced tropical diseases such as malaria throughout Europe.”

Unfortunately, most people do not understand how devastating a small drop in temperature can be.

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  1. henk korbee Says:

    Citation: ‘Unfortunately, most people do not understand how devastating a small drop in temperature can be.’ Most people do not like it to understand what the impact can be of drivin 160 km an hour and doing that daily. So why should they worry about climate changein the ‘negative’ as it getting hotter or else they take plane to warmer vacation parks.

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