Jun 30


With or without Donald Trump, … this is the Greatest Depression.

Paul Singer: “Donald Trump Will Cause A Widespread Global Depression”:

It was not unti today, one day after Trump revealed the full extent of his trade program, that Singer lashed out and revealed the full extent of his loathing for Trump. During a discussion at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, Singer told CNBC that “the most impactful of the economic policies that I recall him coming out for are these anti-trade policies,” Singer said “And I think if he actually stuck to those policies and gets elected president, it’s close to a guarantee of a global depression, widespread global depression.

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One Response to “Paul Singer: “Donald Trump Will Cause A Widespread Global Depression””

  1. squodgy Says:

    Well here’s one way to at least feel happy in a depression.

    Trouble with this idea is that it would starve both the CIA & the BigPharma of income and cause unemployment in Afghanistan.


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