Jun 15

UPDATE: What Does Guccifer Know About Hillary’s Email And Why Did He Get Such A Sweet Deal From Prosecutors?:


Romanian hacker Guccifer struck a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty in Federal court recently. What does that mean for the FBI’s case on Hillary Clinton? And what information does Guccifer hold that allowed him to strike such a quick agreement?

Here’s Guccifer’s Plea Deal… (PDF)

At least two different sets of sealed documents were filed in the case against Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, who goes by the moniker Guccifer.

An examination of the federal court docket for his case by LawNewz.com revealed two new entries that were both filed under seal.  The fact that the documents were kept secret could be an indication that they contain information related to his plea deal that the feds or a judge wanted to keep under wraps.

Law Newz has more details…

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