Jun 07

Italy: Hospital staff encouraged to accelerate discharge process to accommodate expected migrant influx:

A document leaked from a public hospital in Sassari, Sardinia and brought to the attention of the public by Sardinian politician Mauro Pili, shows hospital management urging the premature discharge of patients in order to make room for 390 migrants (including a two-day-old newborn) expected to disembark that evening at nearby Porto Torres.

The letter to staff at the hospital demonstrates not only a complete lack of emergency preparedness but also shows that the hospital management appear to have a rather cavalier attitude to the health and welfare of the indigenous population.


The section highlighted in red roughly translates as “Directors of hospital operational units are asked to accelerate the discharge procedure, as far as possible, by discharging patients in the late afternoon if you could not do so in the morning.

In his Facebook post, Mr. Pili rightly draws attention to the absurdity of the situation and decried the ruthless nature of the commnunication to staff and its potential impact on patients living in a “region that is in disarray”.

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