Jun 05

Germany FLOODHELPER DIED while SAVING MIGRANT LOOTER during flood and TV faking migrants news!:

Three migrants were looting a store during the flooding.
After that, back in the street one got swept away by the waters.
A firefighter, not knowing whom he had to rescue, jumped into the flood and died in the waters.

The whole city is under shock.


All the people of the flooded villages tell one and the same thing:

Not one refugee, migrant was seen helping them!
Not one!!!!

Later, after the flood resided a bit, a TV team came to the devastated village. Not to report about the damage …no…

They brought migrants dressed in new designer clothes with them who went to the waste containers full of flood-destroyed material, took them out again and brought these destroyed things back into the houses.

Then, TV filmed the migrants cleaning the houses …
bringing the same waste out again.


Such a shame!

The owner of a German magazine which writes the truth about the muslim invasion receives 700 death threats in the last two days


The donations for the flooded German villages will not reach the Germans but will go to migrants (who had no damage whatsoever through the floods)!


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