May 03

Suicide Bomber Detonates Too Early, Accidentally Kills 7 Fellow Terrorists:

This is the best fail you will hear about all week!

Eight terrorists have died following an explosion in the Kunduz province of Afghanistan.

It is believed they intended to attack crowded areas in a series of coordinated attacks, but they failed to get that far.

The would-be terrorists’ plan was foiled when one bomber’s suicide belt prematurely activated, causing all of the other devices to also detonate – subsequently vaporising the whole group.

To add to the embarrassment, the extremists were killed in the blast while still in their own hideout.

Despite the widely reported incompetence of terrorists worldwide, we in the West are still expected to give up all of our rights and freedoms to protect ourselves from the supposed ‘threat’ they pose.

Could a better explanation be that elites are simply trying to exert greater control over the general population in the name of keeping us ‘safe’?

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