Apr 21

Caught On Tape: When A Humvee Paradrop Goes Terribly Wrong:

Forget helicopter money, in Germany it’s raining Humvees…

During an airdrop in Hohenfels, Germany, three HMMWV’s (Humvees) detached from their parachutes and plummeted to the ground.

As The Tactical Air Network reports that the 173rd Airborne Brigade dropped HMMWVs from their C130 aircraft, only to lose three “Hummers” to our good friend “gravity.”

It all looked so easy in Furious 7? On the bright side, Keynesians will be rejoicing!! Think of the clean-up involved and the demand for labor that creates and the need to spend to replace those 3 piles of trash – otherwsie known as The Broken Humvee Fallacy.

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One Response to “It Is Raining Humvees In Germany: When A US Army Training Exercise Goes Terribly Wrong (Video)”

  1. squodgy Says:

    How to lose a battle without trying.

    They don’t need an enemy to shoot themselves in the foot do they?

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