Apr 10

“EMERGENCY DECLARED” at US nuclear plant — Newspaper: “High radiation triggers alert” — Officials: “Counties surrounding plant alerted of this event” — Gov’t: Unusual Event due to “HIGH HIGH” radiation condition:

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Apr 8, 2016: BROWNS FERRY [Alabama]… Event Date: 04/06/2016… Emergency Class: UNUSUAL EVENT… EMERGENCY DECLARED… OFFSITE NOTIFICATION… UNUSUAL EVENT DECLARED DUE TO MAIN STEAMLINE HIGH HIGH RADIATION CONDITION… At 1545 CDT on 04/06/16 Browns Ferry Unit 3 declared and exited the declaration of an unusual event due to a main steam line high high radiation condition. Power to Unit 3 was reduced to 91 percent power. The high radiation condition alarm cleared at 1526 CDT. Browns Ferry Unit 3 reported that the high radiation conditions were due to resin intrusion from the condensate demineralizers into the reactor and hydrogen water chemistry was a potential contributor to the event. The cause is still under investigation. The NRC Resident Inspector has been notified. State and Local notifications were made. Notified DHS SWO, FEMA Ops Center, NICC Watch Officer, FEMA NWC and Nuclear SSA (email)… At 1941 [CDT] BFN [Brown’s Ferry] determined this notification to be potentially newsworthy due to receiving notification that counties [surrounding the plant] were alerted of this event. No plant conditions changed.” The licensee may issue a press release. The licensee will notify the NRC Resident Inspector.

Chattanooga Times Free Press, Apr 7, 2016: High radiation triggers alert at Browns Ferry… The Tennessee Valley Authority activated the lowest of four emergency notifications Wednesday afternoon when high radiation levels were detected in a main steamline at the newest reactor at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant in Alabama. TVA detected the high radiation condition around 3:35 p.m., central daylight time, on Wednesday.

Other emergencies declared at US nuclear plants in recent weeks

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