Mar 23


Israeli Science Minister Links Brussels Attacks to Europe’s ‘Foolish’ Rebukes of Israel:

Science, Technology and Space Minister Ofir Akunis drew a connection on Tuesday between the deadly attacks in Brussels and Europe’s frequent condemnations of Israeli policies, which he suggested diverted attention away from cracking down on Islamist terrorist cells growing in its midst.

In a post on his Facebook page, Akunis, of the Likud party, sends condolences to Belgium and wishes the wounded a speedy recovery. He then writes how “many in Europe have preferred to deal foolishly with condemning Israel, labeling (settlement) products and boycotts.”

“Meanwhile under the noses of those living on the continent, thousands of Islamist extremist terrorist cells have arisen,” Akunis adds.

“There were those who repressed it and others who mocked those who would warn them.”

The European Union greatly angered Israel’s right-wing government in November by adopting guidelines for labeling of products made in West bank settlements, as an expression of its rejection of Israeli control of these territories which Palestinians seek for a state.

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