Mar 22


Nail Bomb, Chemicals, ISIS Flag Found As Manhunt Underway For Brussels Bombing Suspect

First Picture Released Of Belgium Suicide Bombers:

Moments after ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks in Belgium that killed dozens on Tuesday morning at the Brussels airport and Maelbeek metro station, we get our first look at three individuals who may be suspects.

Here, according to Belgian media are the three men under suspicion:


From La Dernière Heure  (translated):

On the picture, we see that a terrorist hand is gloved. According to sources, he would hide the trigger for a bomb, an explosive belt. The two men left are perpetrators of the double suicide bombings and the right one, that hides his face, is actively being sought.

Developing story

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Al-Qaeda has been created and is run by the CIA.

ISIS/ISIL/Daesh is an operation run by the CIA and the Mossad, directly supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

This has been proven by this and many other websites many, many times.

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2 Responses to “First Picture Released Of Belgium Suicide Bombers – Nail Bomb, Chemicals, ISIS Flag Found As Manhunt Underway For Brussels Bombing Suspect”

  1. paul Says:

    speaking out would have been like the clock bomber lawsuit…
    The politically correct do not allow any intervention.

    If you interfered Obola would have attacked you in the states.
    A few hundred dead is the result of Merkel types being in power.

    Trump is the only one rich enough to fight their control of everything.

    See Geert Wilder being on trial for speaking out?

  2. Squodgy Says:


    This sums up what we all know.

    Muslims are just too dim to successfully do what the PTB claim they do.

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