Mar 11
 The last decade or two has been a failure…

Student loans food stamps federal debt qe healthcare labore force participation rate inequality median income home ownership
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For everyone apart from the elites…

main street vs wall street


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One Response to “The Last Decade Or Two Has Been A Total Failure … For Everyone Apart From The Elites”

  1. squodgy Says:

    The Rothschilds & Rockefellers, together with the rest of the Bankster cabal, own the Bank for International Settlement.

    Therefore this warning is from them to those of us who are awake, and should be heeded.

    We’ve been aware all is not good, and pundits have warned us to prepare for chaos. Yet they have so far been able to fudge figures and hide the obvious from view, causing sceptics to ridicule the doom-mongers.

    But now those who actually create the massive credit debt from thin air, control the show & the puppets are warning of a catastrophe, it’s maybe time to stop dismissing it, and take at least some of it seriously.

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