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02/03/2016 – BRANDENBURG, Germany – Young girl kicks attacker in testicles

A 15 year old girl was dragged into an alleyway last week by two men, who tried to remove her clothing. Suspecting she was about to be raped, the girl put her foot “firmly” into the “soft tissue” — genitals — of one attacker, and was able to flee.

Police are seeking witnesses who may have seen the men, which the girl described as being between 25 and 35, speaking broken German, and being “geographically Turkish-Arab”. Investigators are treating the incident as an attempted sexual offence.


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One Response to “Migrant Crisis: BRANDENBURG, Germany: Sexually Attacked Young Girl Kicks Attacker In Testicles, Escapes”

  1. paul Says:

    In Germany, she likely will be charged with assault. She attacked one of Merkel’s blessed.

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