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Euro migrant crisis WILL get worse: Finland, joins Hungary and Greece in refugee warnings:

FINLAND has become the latest country to warn of mass increases in the migration crisis with officials saying asylum applications will rise six-fold this year.

It comes after Hungary prime minister Viktor Orban described the European Union’s response to the crisis as “absurd” saying it was making no effort to thwart the influx. to protect the state from increasing numbers of migrants.

And Greek leaders warned the block’s policy to the problem was creating a “graveyard of souls” in the south European country. It has taken in thousands more refugees fleeing Middle East warzones

In Finland last year police returned nearly 3,200 refugees whose asylum applications were rejected but at least 18,000 are expected over the next 12 months as migrants continue to travel to Scandinavia.Earlier this month, Helsinki Police flew 103 Iraqi asylum-seekers to Baghdad on the first flight from Finland to Iraq since the influx.

Last year, almost 32,500 asylum-seekers arrived in Finland, a near ten-fold increase over 2014. Officials have estimated that about two-thirds of them won’t qualify for asylum in the Nordic country.

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