Feb 22

Three Men Break Down Door, Woman Inside Fires Gun, It Doesn’t End Well For Them:

ELLENWOOD, GEORGIA — A female employee with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office opened fire on three suspects who broke into her house, hitting one of them and sending the others running for their lives.

While at home with her two sons, ages 8 and 10, one of those sons heard a noise that ended up being the sound of people trying to get into the home. He alerted his mother to the noise, and that’s when she grabbed her gun.

As the suspects were making their way up the basement stairs into the home, she opened fire and hit one of them. All three suspects took off, only to be captured a short time later by police. The injured suspect was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

No one who lived at the home was injured.

This is yet another reminder of why it’s important to keep your firearm close to you, even while inside your own home. Things can change in a matter of seconds and if they do, it’s all about being prepared for whatever is coming through your door.

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One Response to “Three Men Break Down Door, Woman Inside Fires Gun, It Doesn’t End Well For Them”

  1. James Says:

    I hope the president gets on TV and talks about what a good idea it is for people to have unfettered access to guns!!!! Well he should anyway… Good for her. To bad she didn’t get them all and they all died. Just saying.

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