Jan 26


China Crashes To 13 Month Low After Last Hour Panic Selling; Crude, Futures Tumble Then Surge:

It has been another volatile, illiquid, whipsawed session, driven by the only two things that have mattered so far in 2016, China and oil…. and stop-hunting algos of course.

A quick look at the former first reveals that after sliding gradually all session, Chinese stocks puked in the last hour of trading with the China’s Shanghai Composite Index plunging 6.4% to 2,750, the most since the first week of January, and falling to the lowest level since December 2014. The composite has now plunged 22% in 2016 alone and is the world’s worst-performing primary equity index this year.


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3 Responses to “China’s Shanghai Composite Index Crashes 6.4% In Last Hour Panic Selling, Has Now Plunged 22% In 2016 Alone”

  1. squodgy Says:



  2. Infinite Says:

    To squodgy,

    About Gail Tverberg
    My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues – oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to inadequate supply.

    There is no shortage of oil, natural gas and water, unless created by TPTB.

    In a severe downturn the price of gold could at first go down, because of forced liquidation.

    In the end we need to be prepared on all levels to survive what has being planned for us. Even owning physical gold and silver will not nearly be good enough, but it is a very good start.

    As an investment I prefer silver over gold, with both being very important to protect one’s assets.

  3. squodgy Says:

    I love it when biblical fairy tales get meat on their bones. I remember it being discovered originally, then trashed like everything else, and now, through determination , their efforts have been rewarded. Nice one!


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