Jan 19

“How Can Europe House Them All?”

It can’t, that is the plan.

From the article:

“Germany alone took 1.1million official refugees in 2015 – and countless thousands of illegals.”

This migrant crisis is engineered by TPTB.

What it really is, is an invasion (ISIS and Al-CIAda from Libya, Syria soon to be ‘operating’ in Europe). 

The system will collapse (as planned by TPTB) and civil war is coming.


World Migrant Crisis: Refugee numbers reach 60 MILLION – how can Europe house them all? (Daily Express):

RECORD numbers of migrants have burst through international borders this year as the number of ‘forcibly displaced’ people reaches 60m for the first time ever.

Experts say the global refugee crisis has led to there being one migrant for every 122 people on earth.The latest figures for migrants across the world were released in a UN report, revealing record numbers of people fleeing war, conflict and poverty.

And shocking results showed every day for the first six months of 2015, around 4,600 people fled their home.

The number of refugees, people who have fled to countries outside their own nationality, has reached 20million, while others are refugees in their own homeland.

European borders have been crammed with migrants and the Schengen Zone is in danger of collapse as country leaders put a stop to borderless travel over terror and crowding fears.

Germany alone took 1.1million official refugees in 2015 – and countless thousands of illegals. 

Men, women and children have died trying to get to Europe
War-torn and Taliban-plagued Afghanistan had the biggest exodus of migrants for three decades until mid 2014 when a surge of Syrians fled their homeland.By mid 2014 more than 3million migrants had exited the Assad regime, just topping migrant numbers from Afghanistan.

Last year, an estimated 2.7m refugees spilled out of the country’s borders.

The horn of Africa is still producing a vast amount of the world’s refugees, with Somalia remaining at the forefront.

Over 1m Somalians left their homeland in 2014

Nearby Sudan produced just short of 800,000 migrants while the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and south Sudan all produced 0.5m migrants.

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  1. henk korbee Says:

    There is a great misconcept about government in Europe: they can care for everyone based on socialistic idea by taxing all income many times. That idea is widely spread amongst civilians in the world as they hear that living in EU one gets money and a house more than they ever will earn in their homecountry. So, more turmoil will soon arise within the EU.

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