And Now The Weather … ‘First Time Ever’ Snowfall In Kuwait – Mexico Declares Emergency In 23 States Due To Severe Cold – etc.


Cold kills almost 2,000 cattle in northern Vietnam:

Biting cold has brought snow to many places, including some that have never had it before.

Iran – 7,450 people injured due to snow:

The vice president of  the Red Crescent society said that of the 9,515 injured in the country during the last week, 7,450 of the injuries were related to snow.

This included 283 road accidents due to snow and blizzard.

Mexico declares emergency in 23 states due to severe cold:

Applies to 446 municipalities

Cold brings rare snowfalls to tropical Laos:

Snow has been reported across forested upland areas in northern Laos as extreme cold persists across much of Indochinese Peninsula,

AND NOW … Merkel: Refugees Should ‘Go Home’ Once War In Syria & Iraq Is Over


“Refugees Should ‘Go Home’ Once War In Syria & Iraq Is Over”

… which is directly after WW3 then.

Merkel: Refugees should ‘go home’ once war in Syria & Iraq is over:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that most of the refugees entering Germany from Syria and Iraq are expected to return home once conflicts in their countries have ended. The statement comes as Merkel facing mounting pressure over her open-door policy.“We need… to say to people that this is a temporary residential status and we expect that, once there is peace in Syria again, once IS has been defeated in Iraq, that you go back to your home country with the knowledge that you have gained,” Merkel told a regional meeting of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on Saturday, Reuters reports.

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Germany: SWAT Teams Bust Migrant Arm Smugglers

I’ve told you before that the German police has found containers full of weapons.

SEK vereitelt geheime Waffenübergabe

Original article in German:

SEK vereitelt geheime Waffenübergabe:

Großeinsatz in Bümmerstede erfolgte zeitgleich mit Aktionen in Rastede und Bremen

Zur Mittagszeit erfolgte der Zugriff: Dem Landeskriminalamt (LKA) Niedersachsen ist möglicherweise parallel in Oldenburg, Rastede und Bremen ein Schlag gegen den internationalen Waffenhandel gelungen.

Handel im „großen Stil“

Während in Rastede und Bremen polizeiliche Spezialkräfte der BFE (Beweissicherungs- und Festnahmeeinheit) Privatgebäude durchsuchten, konnte das Sondereinsatzkommando (SEK) zeitgleich in Oldenburg wohl eine Waffenübergabe vereiteln und zwei Tatverdächtige festnehmen, wie zu hören ist. Sie sollen aus dem Krisengebiet im Nahen Osten stammen.

Google translation:

– SEK thwarted secret weapons handover:

Large-scale operation in Bümmerstede coincided with actions in Rastede and Bremen

Two suspects were apparently men arrested during the action. The prosecution wants to agree on Friday.

Oldenburg – Took place at lunchtime access: The State Criminal Police Office (LKA) of Lower Saxony may be parallel in Oldenburg, Rastede and Bremen managed a blow to the international arms trade.

Trade in “grand style”

While police in Rastede and Bremen Special Forces of BFE searched (arrest unit) private buildings, the Special Operations Command (was SEK) at the same time probably frustrate in Oldenburg a weapons handover and two suspects arrested, as can be heard. They should come from the war zone in the Middle East.

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Migrant Crisis: Swedish Police Cover Up More Than 5000 Migrant Crimes In Just 4 Months Using A Secret Code


The Swedish police have concealed more than 5000 crimes in asylum centres in just four months by classifying them all as “Code 291”. The crimes included 559 registered assaults, 450 fights, 194 cases of violent threats, 58 fires, two bomb threats, nine robberies, four rapes, and 42 cases of mental illness, among others. They occurred in all parts of the country, and at all times of day. When asked why the Police had concealed the list from the public, a spokesman responded “there was nothing to disclose”.

Original article in Swedish:

Tusentals incidenter i polisens särskilda “flyktingkod”:

SVD AVSLÖJAR: Sedan oktober 2015 för polisen ett register över insatser vid bland annat flyktingboenden. Händelserna har rapporterats i en särskild kod, R291, som inte offentliggjorts.

SvD kan nu avslöja att den innehåller tusentals incidenter – allt från misshandel och bråk till självmordsförsök, psykisk sjukdom och bombhot.

Thousands of incidents of police special “flyktingkod”

SVD REVEALS: Since October 2015 police records of efforts at including refugee accommodations. The events have been reported in a special code, R291, not published.

SvD can now reveal that it contains thousands of incidents – ranging from beatings and fights to attempt suicide, mental illness and bomb threat.

The situation in Sweden thousands of asylum accommodation has been largely unknown to the public. One reason is that the National Operational Department, NOA, the police previously assessed that all information related to the flow of refugees to be secret.

The events have had a special so-called relationskod: 291, something that DN reported on earlier this year.

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Migrant Crisis: Refugee Turned Social Worker: What Happened In Cologne Is Happening ‘EVERY DAY’

Refugee Turned Social Worker: What Happened In Cologne Is Happening ‘EVERY DAY’:

A famous German social worker has broken his silence on sexual abuse and theft committed by migrants in Germany, going so far as to say that what happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve is happening in German towns every day.

Ercan Yasaroglu (54), a social worker who also runs Café Kotti – a hub of “freedom, tolerance, and equality” in Berlin – has said that gangs of North African men are trafficking drugs and engaging in violent, sexual behaviour against the women of his city.

Mr. Yasaroglu is perhaps the last person you might expect to speak out on the issue. An avowed left-wing campaigner and a refugee himself in the 1980s, he once described his Cafe as  “like a living room… A meeting place for people from all around the world to interact, discuss and feel comfortable.”

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Migrant Crisis: ‘Refugees’ Attack Paramedics In The Netherlands (Video)


Original article in Dutch:

Watch the video here:

Asielzoekers raken slaags met hulpverleners:

ZAANDAM – Tientallen bewoners van het asielzoekerscentrum in Zaandam keerden zich afgelopen nacht tegen ambulancebroeders en politie. Aanleiding voor het geweld was een zelfmoordpoging van een asielzoeker.

Google translation:

Asylum seekers come to blows with rescuers:

ZAANDAM – Dozens of residents of the refugee center in Zaandam turned last night against paramedics and police. The reason for the violence was a suicide attempt by an applicant.

According Noordhollands Dagblad the ambulance crew was called because an applicant had injured himself with a large knife. To treat him the brothers wanted to bring the man to the ambulance, but the residents wanted to do this myself against the wishes of the ambulance personnel. It got out of hand, when the police became involved.

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Zika Virus: Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Causing Smaller Heads?

Zika: genetically engineered mosquitoes causing smaller heads?:

What’s happening in Brazil, the center of the Zika uproar?

by Jon Rappoport

January 30, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

“Okay, boys, here’s what we do. We’ve got this old virus called Zika. It’s been around for 60 years that we know of. It never caused anything serious. A real dud. But we’ve got to explain all these babies born with small heads and brain damage. We’ve got to protect some important people and shield them from heavy blame. So let’s bring back Zika. Even though very few mothers who give birth to babies with defects have the dud-virus, we can finesse that. People are idiots. So let’s build up Zika into a terrifying killer. Get our PR folks moving. Spread some money around. You know, the usual. And we make out on the back-end with a Zika vaccine.”

This is the third article in my series on the Zika Freakout. In my previous piece, I listed six top candidates for causing smaller heads and brain damage in Brazilian babies.

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Zika Virus Freakout: The Hoax And The Covert Op Continue

Zika freakout: the hoax and the covert op continue:

by Jon Rappoport

January 29, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Thanks to reporters and researchers Jim Stone, Kathy Ford, the fullerton informer, Jim West, Martin Maloney, and Claus Jensen, who have moved this story forward and exposed the scam.

If you want to hide anything on this planet, twist it into a (fake) story about a virus. You’re home free.

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Migrant Crisis: German Police Break Up Migrant ‘Riot’ In Mannheim

Original article in German down below.

* * *

Four young men were expelled from a shopping centre on Friday for riotous behaviour but continued in the car park, assaulting a passer-by, “slapping him in the face”. Police officers arriving on the scene were able to detain one man while the other three fled, according to the police.

Taken to Mannheim police station, the abusive 20 year old Afghan who put up “massive” resistance to officers hung himself in his cell using his trousers as an improvised noose. He was cut down and revived at hospital where he was found to have high blood alcohol levels, and had his fingerprints taken by officers.

* * *

Google translation:

Police Headquarters Mannheim

POL-MA: Mannheim: After riots and acts of resistance by asylum seekers – suicide attempt in detention center prevented

Mannheim (ots) – Following riots and multiple acts of resistance, a 20-year-old Afghan asylum seekers in the detention cell of the police station Mannheim-City tried to take her own life.

On Friday evening around 19:00 clock rioted four young men in a shopping center in Mannheim Neckar city. Expelled from the business they got in the car park of the shopping center in dispute. Here they violated a disinterested man by a slap in the face.

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Over 80 killed, children burnt to death in Boko Haram attack in Nigeria

Over 80 killed, children burnt to death in Boko Haram attack in Nigeria:

Boko Haram militants killed 86 people, including children, in their recent attack on villages in northeastern Nigeria on Saturday. Horrifying details of the attacks emerged on Sunday.

The Saturday night assault on the outskirts of the Nigerian city of Maiduguri – the birthplace of Boko Haram – lasted for hours, targeting villages and camps housing some 25,000 refugees, AP has reported, citing survivors and soldiers at the scene. By Sunday afternoon, 86 bodies had collected, officials said, adding that another 62 victims were being treated for burns.

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Wildlife “disappearing” around massive LA gas disaster – “It’s completely quiet”… birds, butterflies, rabbits, coyotes are missing … all fish in pond found dead – “Makes me wonder how bad it really is” – Animal with “worst blood” ever seen by doctor

Report: Wildlife “disappearing” around massive LA gas disaster — Residents: “It’s completely quiet”… birds, butterflies, rabbits, coyotes are missing… all fish in pond found dead — “All of this is gone… Makes me wonder how bad it really is” — Animal with “worst blood” ever seen by doctor (VIDEO):

City News Service, Jan 18, 2016 (emphasis added): Porter Ranch residents report unexplained ailments, behaviors in pets… [A family] lost all 20 of their brightly colored Koi fish after they started dying… [Others] have noticed fewer bird and wildlife sightings.

Al Jazeera, Jan 22, 2016: [The Katz’s], parents of five… are living a nightmare… Her pride and joy was her garden and a koi pond. She cries when she recounts how all 20 fish died…“The birds, the butterflies, all of this is gone. It’s quiet now.”

L.A. Daily News, Jan 22, 2016: “We used to see coyotes and animals” [Jennifer Marotta] said. “It makes me wonder how bad it really is.”

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Paramedics called to secondary school as pupils fall ill and collapse after being given their vaccinations

H/t reader squodgy:

“Whoops….nothing to worry about….”


Just some adjuvants like thimerosal (mercury), formaldehyde, antifreeze, MSG, antibiotics, aluminum, GMOs, (and maybe even the horror adjuvant squalene), etc. destroying the brain & immune system of these children.

Some parents think vaccines cannot possibly be so devastating to their children’s health, because their children are still highly gifted.

Yeah right, just imagine how many Nicola Tesla’s we’ve lost!

But never mind … nothing to worry about.

What’s on the telly tonight?

Paramedics called to secondary school as pupils fall ill and collapse after being given their vaccinations:

  • Pupils in Year 10 reportedly fainted after being given their jabs
  • Paramedics were called but all have reportedly now recovered
  • School is investigating whether faulty vaccines were to blame 

Paramedics had to be called to a secondary school when pupils fell ill and fainted after being given their vaccinations.

Around 10 to 15 students from Year 10 reportedly keeled over after getting their jabs at Northampton School for Boys on Tuesday.

One parent, whose son saw the drama unfold, said children were seen ‘on their backs on the floor with their legs up on chairs’.

The woman, who didn’t want to be named, added: ‘Several different vaccines were being administered, and around 10 to 15 pupils keeled over and paramedics were called.

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“Fight Me!”: “Shocking” Video Shows Migrant Melee In Swedish Refugee Home

“Fight Me!”: “Shocking” Video Shows Migrant Melee In Swedish Refugee Home:

Tensions are running high in Sweden, the country with the highest per capita rate of sheltered asylum seekers.

Just yesterday we brought you video footage depicting a gang of “football hooligans” who stormed the central train station in Stockholm on the way to assaulting migrants and generally running amok in a show of nationalistic furor.

The incident came on the heels of an attack at a migrant house that left 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher dead. She was stabbed to death by an unaccompanied migrant child who was living at an asylum center in Molndal, where she had been working for several months.

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“Time To Panic”? Nigeria Begs World Bank For Massive Loan As Dollar Reserves Dry Up

“Time To Panic”? Nigeria Begs World Bank For Massive Loan As Dollar Reserves Dry Up:

Having urged “don’t panic” just 4 short months ago, it appears Nigeria just did just that as the global dollar short squeeze forces the eight-month-old government of President Muhammadu Buhari to beg The World Bank and African Development Bank for $3.5bn in emergency loans to help fund a $15bn deficit in a budget heavy on public spending amid collapsing oil revenues. Just as we warned in December, the dollar shortage has arrived, perhaps now is time to panic after all.

In September, Nigerian central bank Governor Godwin Emefiele ruled out a naira devaluation on Thursday and told people not to panic about a government order which risks draining billions of dollars from the financial system.

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200 Swedes Storm Occupied Stockholm Train Station, Beat Migrant Children

Related info:

‘Gangs’ Of ‘All-Male’ Moroccan Migrant Children ‘Take Over’ Stockholm Train Station; Steal, Grope, Beat Women:

“Stockholm police estimate that at least 200 Moroccan street children move in the area around the main train station in the centre of the capital, sleeping rough, and living off criminal activity. They grope girls between their legs, and slap them in the face when they protest. All police officers are aware of this.”


200 Swedes Storm Occupied Stockholm Train Station, Beat Migrant Children:

Sweden is losing its patience with refugees.

In the wake of the sexual assaults allegedly perpetrated by men of “Arab origin” in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve, the Swedish press revealed what certainly appeared to be a coverup related to a wave of similar incidents that apparently occurred at a youth festival and concert in central Stockholm’s Kungsträdgården last August.

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MIGRANT CRISIS LIVE WIRE – Rolling Coverage Of Europe’s Migrant Crisis

***MIGRANT CRISIS LIVE WIRE*** – Rolling Coverage Of Europe’s Migrant Crisis:

MIGRANT CRISIS LIVE WIRE – This page will host all the relevant information from Europe’s unfolding migrant crisis. You can follow all the latest updates below.

This page is edited by Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam, Chris Tomlinson, Oliver Lane and Donna Rachel Edmunds. Newest updates will appear at the top of the page.

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What??? More than half (51%) of Muslims in America believe they should ‘have the choice of being governed according to Sharia.’


No Sharia law and no Talmudic law should govern anything in this country.

And you bet ‘divide et impera’ will work once again and the people will kill each other, while the elite are having a “depopulation party”.

The Islamization Of America In 2015, Part 2:

  • More than half (51%) of Muslims in America believe they should “have the choice of being governed according to Sharia.” Only 39% of those polled said that Muslims in the U.S. should be subject to American courts. Nearly a quarter believed that, “It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed.” Nearly one-fifth of Muslim respondents said that the use of violence in the U.S. is justified in order to make Sharia the law of the land in this country. – Poll commissioned by the Center for Security Policy, Washington, D.C.

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