5 thoughts on “Daily Express (March 24, 1933) Says That Total Jewish Population of Germany In 1933 Was Only 600,000

  1. No!!!

    It couldn’t have been.

    Elie Weisel & Simon Weisenthal tell us it is 6 million.

    They would know because they’re jews.

    And jews never lie.

  2. Rubbish
    The Jewish faith is the most persecuted of all this planets residence ( or so they like to keep forcing down our throat )
    Hitler was soooooooo evil that to even consider WW2 revisionism makes you an anti Semite nazi SS KKK spawn of satan
    The Germans were soooooooo cruel that they ate children
    The only thing worse was Stalin (or so the royal families and dignitaries would have you believe )
    We were the noble chivalric super duper troopers that saved the day
    And the holiest of all was the benevolent USA that saved the day, despite turning up late taking all the credit and not leaving after, bankrupting governments and demanding pay back, Britain received the bill and finished paying it back a few years ago, ’06 I think. Oh I think Denmark sends the US a Christmas tree as thanks each year
    And since then the Americanisation of Western Europe has gone unabated and largely in challenged and to be honest largely accepted (unlike any other influence like islamifigation)

    And to top it off
    Out of all the nationalities that have shot at me, I like the Americans the least

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