Oct 23

Mystery as scores of dead rare sea animals wash up

“Mystery as scores of dead rare sea animals wash up” in Gulf of California — AP: Dozens of carcasses found on beaches and floating in water — Gov’t experts ‘baffled’ over mass death of dolphins, sea lions, turtles — “Long stretch of coastline closed off to public” (PHOTOS):

AP, Oct 15, 2015 (emphasis added): Mexican authorities are investigating the deaths of 36 marine animals that washed up on an island in the Gulf of California. The federal environmental prosecutor’s office says in a statement Thursday that 21 dolphins, 4 sea lions and 11 sea turtles were discovered at Altamura Island… decomposing remains were found on the beaches and floating in the water… The private island [has] dunes stretching some 12 miles… it’s rare to find so many at one time. Authorities are seeking to determine the cause of death and avoid possible health threats…

AFP, Oct 15, 2015: Four sea lions, 11 sea turtles and 21 dolphins have mysteriously turned up dead on an island in northwestern Mexico, sparking an investigation, authorities said Thursday. [The federal prosecutor’s office for environmental protection] said in a statement that inspectors, park rangers and other experts were dispatched… to investigate the “unusual event.” They will collect evidence to figure out how the animals died, the statement said.

The Sun, Oct 16, 2015: Mystery as scores of dead rare sea animals wash up on stretch of coastline — A long stretch of coastline has been closed off to the public after the corpses of dozens of rare sea animals washed up on the beach. Mystery surrounds the sudden influx of dead marine life… Since none of the creatures appeared cut or marked, it has been ruled out that the animals died after being caught up in fishermen’s nets. There’s growing concern over what has caused the tragedy… Mexico’s Federal Environmental Protection Agency, Profepa, has activated a security protocol and tourists have been warned not to use the beaches while the water is being tested for signs of pollution and other evidence is collected. A [gov’t] spokesman said: “We will be looking at what species are affected, their condition, size, age, physical appearance, nutritional state, health, visible traumas, the time and date, climacteric conditions, state of the sea, topography of the beach and accessibility of the area.”

The Express, Oct 19, 2015: Marine experts are trying to unravel an animal tragedy after dozens of dead animals, including 21 dolphins, mysteriously washed up on a beach. Horrific images from the tragic scene showed the lifeless bodies of dolphins, turtles and even sea lions scattered across the shore… Some had been washed ashore but others were simply floating in the water…

Daily Mail, Oct 19, 2015: Plague of dead sea animals killed by mystery illness wash up on a beach in Mexico… Experts have been left baffled after dozens of dead animals washed up… Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) are now investigating whether pollution is to blame for the deaths… A spokesman for FEPA said… marine biologists were baffled about the cause of the mysterious deaths.

Daily Star, Oct 17, 2015: Marine experts have been left baffled after the corpses of 21 dolphins were found washed up on a beach in Mexico… It is believed a mystery illness may have been the cause of death for the dozens of animals… [FEPA] confirmed there are no clues to suggest what may have caused the bizarre deaths.

El Daily Post, Oct 15, 2015: Why did 36 sea mammals wash up on a Sea of Cortés island?… it’s not uncommon for the body of a sea mammal to wash up on shore. But when 36 dolphins, sea turtles and sea lions are found decomposing on one island at the same time, something out of the ordinary is going on… seldom are so many found washed up at the same time… In such mass deaths, Profepa officials activate a protocol designed to discover the causes of the event as well as protect nearby people and animals from health consequences.

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