Oct 19

H/t reader squodgy:

“People take this man as genuine, but all this time he has been a CIA trained disinfo propaganda merchant….amazing why the ‘thinking’ American never saw through his quite obvious bias.

A bit like the dumb Brits & the propaganda BBC.


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2 Responses to “Just Another CIA Trained Disinfo Propaganda Merchant”

  1. squodgy Says:

    Some REAL evidence this time that we are all MUSHROOMS…..

    Just kept in the dark & fed shit occasionally.


  2. Infinite Says:

    To squodgy,

    German Journalist Dr. Udo Ulfkotte Admits That He Was Bribed By Billionaires, CIA, Exposes Western ‘Press’ Propaganda Against Russia – ‘Germany Is Still A Colony Of The U.S.’ (Video)

    Udo Ulfkotte is not a “TOP” German editor anymore, though he was editor at the FAZ.

    He now works for Kopp Verlag(Verlag = publishing company http://www.kopp-verlag.de/), Kopp News (http://info.kopp-verlag.de/index.html They are selling an Kopp Exclusive Newsletter) and is writing books.

    He was always on the “hate side of the force” against foreigners.

    Sadly he will be proven right, because of the Rothschild planned migrant crisis.

    Interestingly Kopp Verlag had some financial trouble and was “saved” by Bertelsmann Verlag, i.e. it was saved by “your friends”.

    We are certainly living in interesting times.

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