Oct 19

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Difference Between Moose and Elk

10 wild animals in Sweden and where to see them

Alces alces (Elk, Eurasian Elk, Eurasian Moose, European Elk, Moose, Siberian Elk)

Elk, also sometimes referred to as moose, are not an endangered species Getty

Hunters shoot two elk – then realise they were firing through fence into zoo:

The hunters called the zoo authorities and reported their mistake soon afterwards

A group of hunters in Norway have shot dead two elk – before realising seconds later they were firing through a fence into the animal’s enclosure in a zoo.

The hunters called the zoo and reported their mistake, according to a report on The Local news website.

They said the dogs used to hunt elk had found their way into the park enclosure and they had not realised they were firing into the Polar Park zoo, situated in Norway’s far north, near the town of Narvik,

Heinz Strathmann, the zoo’s chief executive, was quoted as saying he “reacted with disbelief”.

“I think this is very sad, and it’s not okay. We had five elks, now we have only three,” he told The Local.

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