Oct 10

One Part Of The Economy Is Booming: The Underground/Cash-Only Sector:

If you make it so burdensome to operate a legit business, then you’re basically giving people without big lines of credit and capital few choices but to work in the cash-only underground economy.

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One Response to “One Part Of The Economy Is Booming: The Underground/Cash-Only Sector”

  1. squodgy Says:

    This is actually a forecast by many ” doom-mongers” as to the first phase of the collapse, Cash Will Be King”…until it runs out.

    But based on recent theories, that the Fed, BofE etc (all Rothschild owned institutions) will just keep on pumping notes into the economy to appease demand and patch the dam up, this could go on for at least another year.

    Eventually, cash’s worth must start to diminish, if only because of the shear volume of QE in circulation, and the inflationary spiral will commence, leading to its final demise due to its unsubstantiated worthlessness, no backing, no worth.

    When that point is reached, trade must return to barter, unless there is a world debt reset.

    On the subject of legitimacy, give & take was always the best policy, because, hassle is not good. Especially in a potentially gunless society.

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