Sep 14


Twentieth donation in 2015.

Infinite Unknown reader S. M. donated £15.

Thank you for your support!

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Donations in April: €10

Donations in March: $15, €10

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Donations in 2015: $460, €40, £30


4 Responses to “Donation”

  1. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    I saw GE moving 500 more jobs offshore on Aljazzera; GE said it was the closure of the EX-IM bank…..EX-IM claimed to have helped small business compete overseas for the past 80 years, but GE?
    Nothing is said about it in US propaganda which has added 3-4 right wing false news networks over the last few months, along with BBC, Fox, Fox Business and CNN. CNN and BBC were rated as full of lies and propaganda as Fox by the Federal Communications Bureau about a month ago.
    I had never heard of EX-IM…….

  2. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    So much for western propaganda……..the greedy guts want a war, what do they care if millions have lost their homes causing the worst immigration crisis since WW2 and the loss of thousands of lives???? What swine……..

  3. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    See what happens when foreign greedy guts down grade your bonds to junk? They get austerity measures passed, even by a relatively humane leadership……
    They did keep transaction taxes passed, such as we ought to have in the US….

  4. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    If anyone doubts that other idiot is still pope, read this…..This clown is a Vatican PR guy, but this is unbelievable. English is still the native language in the US, not Spanish. I don’t often agree with Donald Trump…..but this is one time I do……

    Remember the phrase “Divide and Conquer”? Too many forces are at work to tear this country apart….

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