Sep 10

– “Junked” Brazil Is Falling Apart At The Seams; Cancels Bond Auction (ZeroHedge, Sep 10, 2015):

Exactly one month ago, in the aftermath of the Chinese devaluation announcement, we made a simple prediction. “Biggest immediate loser from China’s devaluation: Brazil” Today, following the overdue, long anticipated, and yet “shocking” downgrade of Brazil by the S&P to junk, this prediction is coming true.

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One Response to ““Junked” Brazil Is Falling Apart At The Seams; Cancels Bond Auction”

  1. Squodgy Says:

    Once again the principles enforced by the banks for compliance are impractical during a trade recession which is worldwide.

    The fact their loans are created out of thin air, is illegal, is fantasy and logically ridiculous is ignored by those in power and their kindred jew media.

    We are programmed to think numbers created from thin air are real.

    We should get real. This has been the biggest PONZI scheme EVER.

    And it just cannot last. But the reality is nobody will challenge it, and the PTB will quietly re-structure it all so they can continue to milk the dumb goy.

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