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Europe’s Refugee Crisis “Out Of Control”, Hungary PM Rages “This Is A German Problem, Not An EU Problem” (ZeroHedge, Sept 3, 2015):

The current refugee crisis is not an EU problem, but rather “a German problem,” according to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban as his nation’s borders are swamped with foreigners seeking to travel on to Germany. “People in Europe are full of fear because they see that the European leaders are not able to control the situation,” he exclaimed after a meeting with EU President Schultz. He is right, of course, as we detailed here and here, but the sheer scale of the tragedy is worst than many could imagine. Orban defended his decision to erect a fence along its southern border with Serbia, saying: “we don’t do this for fun, but because it is necessary,” adding rather pointedly that his country was being “overrun” with refugees, most of whom, according to the prime minister, were not Christians.


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One Response to “Europe’s Refugee Crisis “Out Of Control”, Hungary PM Rages “This Is A German Problem, Not An EU Problem””

  1. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    This is the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII, and pointing fingers isn’t the answer. Iceland has shown real class by offering 10,000 homes for some of them…..Half of the world is now war torn thanks to greedy gut wars that benefit only a few people, and destroys the lives of millions.

    These people have lost their homes, their lives, and refusing to give them refuge is the most evil result of bad leadership.

    “For evil to flourish, good men only need do nothing.”
    Edmund Burke

    Every nation on this planet ought to open their borders and accept some……This is beyond inhuman, this is brute response. We are really moving backwards as a species, the enlightenment bred by our 18th century forefathers is over.

    Man is heading back to sod huts and grubbing what food he can…..and that is all he deserve. I am glad I am old and sick, these barbarians are no relation to me, or the people who used to lead this land……

    This is the result of greedy gut rule. Calling out insults and refusing to help…….man has descended into animal existence. Disgusting.

    For the first time, I hope there is a hell for the bastards who caused this out of their own self serving greed. If there is a hell, I hope they fry.

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