Sep 02

H/t reader sqoudgy:

“I really believe the debt burdened financial system is unsustainable, is collapsing and its final death throes will be smoke screened by an event to be used to for increased state control of the ordinary sheeple.”

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2 Responses to “Jeff Berwick: “I See Nothing But Black Swans Ahead” (Video)”

  1. squodgy Says:

    It’s anybody’s guess how the elite will create the smoke screen, but this article’s blogs points to the inevitability of the imminent demise of QE2…..geddit?

    Nit the quantitative easing nonsense, but the English Monarchy that to this day owns America. Is her demise going to be ‘the event?

  2. Infinite Says:

    To Squodgy:

    I wanted to post this documentary (The Zion King) before, only to find out that the video has been removed.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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