Sep 02

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2 Responses to “Dr. John Bergman: Scoliosis Adjusting Techniques – Scoliosis Correction (Video)”

  1. Melinda Scifres Says:

    How do I fi.d a doctor like John Bergman in my area? Dallas/Fort worth, Texas. 17 year old son was recently diagnosed with scoliosis. Just appeared shortly after his booster meningitis shot. Would love recommendations of doctors in my area that do this treatment

  2. Infinite Says:

    @Melinda Scifres:

    Maybe you ask at Dr. Bergman’s clinic if they can recommend somebody in your area:

    (His YouTube channel:

    I recommend you get more informed about the risks and side effects of vaccinations:

    (If you scroll all the way down and click on previous entries you can find lots of more info.)

    Your son is just 17 and there is a lot that can be done.

    All the very best for you and your son

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