Aug 17

Savannah River Nuclear Facility Under Lockdown Amid “Security Event” (ZeroHedge, Aug 18, 2015):

According to the Savannah River site, a potential security threat is in progress that has caused emergency response. SRS says site barricades are closed to incoming traffic. SRS is the only hardened chemical separations facility still operating in the U.S. The primary mission of the H-Canyon Complex is to dissolve, purify and blend-down surplus highly enriched uranium from both within American borders and materials that come from other countries.


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One Response to “Savannah River Nuclear Facility Under Lockdown Amid “Security Event””

  1. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    When I read this story earlier today, I had to ask myself the question when and what will we really learn? Like the so-called glitches in the stock market a month ago……..? What really happened? Will we ever be told the truth?

    Looking at our system, I doubt it.

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