Aug 13

–  Released Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal… She Was Reading A Book On How To Delete Emails (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Aug 13, 2015):

As I’ve said many times before, the best part about Hillary Clinton running for President, is that she’s so unbelievably corrupt and shady, not a week goes by without a new scandal or embarrassment. It makes the insulting charade of U.S. elections at least somewhat comical.

In the latest gaffe, we learn (through her own emails), that she asked to borrow a book titled, Send: Why People Email So Badly and How to Do It Better.” Chapter Six of this book is titled, “The Email That Can Land You In Jail,” which includes a section titled: “How to Delete Something So It Stays Deleted.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

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From ABC News:

The last batch of Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department included one from Clinton asking to borrow a book called “Send: Why People Email So Badly and How to Do It Better,” by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe.

Clinton has not said why she requested the book, but it includes some advice that is particularly interesting in light of the controversy over her unconventional email arrangement at the State Department and her decision to delete tens of thousands of emails she deemed to be purely personal.

Take, for example, Chapter Six: “The Email That Can Land You In Jail.” The chapter includes a section entitled “How to Delete Something So It Stays Deleted.”

The chapter advised that to truly delete emails may require a special rewriting program “to make sure that it’s not just elsewhere on the drive but has in fact been written over sixteen or twenty times and rendered undefinable.”

But Shipley and Schwalbe warn that deleting emails could lead to future legal troubles.

Here’s a screenshot of the email from ABC:


Smell blood yet Bernie?

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5 Responses to “Released Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal… She Was Reading A Book On How To Delete Emails”

  1. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    This indicates to me (I would not vote for her to be dog catcher) more of her corrupt incompetence.
    You really cannot make this stuff up……………..

  2. squodgy Says:

    We all suspected it, like with John Lennon, so it’s a kind of closure for someone plausible to claim involvement.

    Nevertheless it only serves to confirm what a sad, sick society America has been since WWll, and how the people have been steadily excluded from connecting.

  3. squodgy Says:

    More evidence that it is the passive acceptance of slick marketing that points to American people being singled out for destruction.

  4. pAUL Says:

    If the democrats ran a cockroach, It would be voted for. What difference does anything make with a democrat? If she were in jail she would still be elected.

    Illegals in Calif. can be in government jobs there.

  5. squodgy Says:

    There but for the grace of God….

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