Aug 10

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Seventeenth donation in 2015.

Infinite Unknown reader Z.G. donated $10.

Given purpose of donation:

“Good Job!! Keep informing People and the globalists will fall.”

Thank you for your support!

*  * *

Donations in August: $60

Donations In July: $50

Donations in June: $80

Donations in May: $65

Donations in April: €10

Donations in March: $15, €10

Donations in February: €10

Donations in January: $175, €10

* * *

Donations in 2015: $445, €40


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  1. squodgy Says:

  2. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    Here is a barbaric story for you…….how quickly greed obliterates tradition and culture…….I always knew Chinese were voracious and greedy and capable of many outrages, but this exceeds all decency. From the UK Guardian:

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